CCR Music Director position

Application period ends:

October 15, 2020

Capital City Ringers - Music Director Search


The Capital City Ringers (CCR), an auditioned community handbell ensemble, is seeking a Music Director to start Fall 2020. Applicants should email resumes to:

Deadline to apply is: May 15, 2021

CCR Music Director Job Description - .pdf


The Music Director shall:

  1. Direct and take charge at all regular weekly rehearsals, special rehearsals, performances, and recording sessions.

  2. Call and direct sectional or special full group rehearsals in preparation for concerts or recording sessions as needed, in conjunction with the Section Leaders.

  3. Have high-level knowledge in the field of handbells, and be committed to ringing excellence.

  4. Manage the group musically.

  5. Oversee the scheduling of a minimum of four (4) concert dates per term*, either personally or through their designee, and notify ringers of all proposed concert dates. Dates will be confirmed by the group as a whole. Concerts in excess of the minimum may be required to ensure the continued financial viability of CCR.

  6. Be responsible for the selection of all concert music and for edits, additions, and deletions, and interpreting and rearranging of that music.

  7. Be responsible for selection of concert script writer(s) and have the final say regarding script details, including readers, context, and execution.

  8. Hold auditions for entrance into the Capital City Ringers and be responsible for the selection of ringers, either personally or through a selection committee. Be responsible for the dismissal of ringers, if necessary, in consultation with the Board of Directors.

  9. Select the section leaders and assist them with ringer assignments, as necessary.

  10. Have final authority on the group’s appearance, visual presentation, and sound.

  11. Attend handbell festivals, conferences, and other workshops to further enhance their leadership and handbell ringing skills.

  12. Attend meetings of the Board of Directors, provide reports, and serve as a non-voting advisor to the Board.

  13. Provide assistance to CCR’s sister organization, the Lansing Area Ministry of Bells (LAMB), including coordinating CCR participation in LAMB’s annual festival.



Who We Are:

The Capital City Ringers, Inc., is an auditioned community handbell ensemble in Lansing, Michigan, which provides advanced ringers the opportunity to grow, learn, and promote the art of handbell ringing through performance opportunities, festival conferences, workshops, tours, recordings, and other events. For more information, please contact:

*CCR operates for two terms per year. Spring term = January through early May. Fall term = late August through early December.


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