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Fall 2018

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Getting the Word Out

Publicity is key in ensuring your venue has a sucessful turnout. Be sure to publicize your hosted CCR concert or event through all of your local media networks. Our publicity materials can help you get the word out to the communication resources in your area.

Capital City Ringers, Inc. is registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit, tax-exempt organization. All donations are tax-deductible.

The Capital City Ringers Handbell Ensemble - Publicity

Information posted here is for the convenience of our hosting venues and is exclusively for officially authorized use only. If you have any questions regarding these documents or information therein, please contact Kim Finison at: kjfinison(at)

[For CCR's venue technical needs for events, see below]

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Publicity Photo and CCR Logo:

Publicity photo

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Coming soon... Publicity and Bulletin Inserts for Spring 2024  - (.doc - editable Word document)

Publicity Guide and general suggestions - (.pdf document)

Concert Posters for Spring 2024: "40 Years and Counting! "

Owosso Musicale - Download HERE

Lyons-Muir Church - Download HERE

Lansing Area Concerts - Download HERE (.pdf)

Publicity Promo for 2024 Concerts - Coming Soon (editable .doc)

Please feel free to download these posters for your specific venue to print for publicity purposes. Unless otherwise noted, all concert posters are in .pdf format.

Publicity Guide and general suggestions (.pdf document)


Stage Setup Requirements:

Table set-up and dimensions required: Download a diagram of our table configuration (pdf format)

Table Set-up Diagram<----- Standard default set-up.


We have a minimum of 54' of tables with an additional 6' table behind our main tables. We ideally set up in a
long U-shaped configuration that is 20' by 32'. Alternatively, as a second choice, we set up in a space 18' x 34'.
Our table configuration does have limitations, but can be somewhat flexible, however, and may be able to set up
in other various configurations to fit within the available space. In order to eliminate any surprises, please contact
our equipment manager at (517) 321-3221 for confirmation of available space - do not guess, please measure!


Venue Needs:

Changing rooms for both men and women.
"Green Room" for gathering before performance.
Microphone/PA system, if available, preferably wireless.
Some concerts use media projector and screen (arrangements made as needed).
Location with small table to sell merchandise after concert (if permissible).
Ushers, 2 or more. Keep doors closed until 30 minutes before concert and hand out programs.


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